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We can handle investigations throughout Indiana, Lower Michigan, and Western Ohio and have the ability to track down witnesses and accomplish work for both plaintiff and defense cases. We have the finest databases in the industry for a multitude of various uses including, but not limited to, skip tracing and nationwide people locates. We possess the ability to get your case investigated utilizing the utmost integrity in all that we do.

Summit Investigative Services possesses state-of-the-art investigative tools to bring you, the client, the best possible results. We lay the groundwork for success. There are no unfavorable facts. Our competency = quality. Our legal investigators are committed to pursuing truth above all else because it is only by having the facts at hand that attorneys can intelligently proceed in the best interest of their clients. We maintain excellent rapport with witnesses and free attorneys of an enormous amount of work, allowing them to devote their time to the legal aspects of the case. Our motto is..........TEAM WORK!

Accident Investigations

Although we are experienced in many types of investigations, at Summit Investigative Services we specialize in accident investigations of all kinds. Whether you are a private individual who had an accident or a lawyer representing your client, the truth of what happened in an accident can be extremely valuable. All of our investigations are intensely detailed and follow all legal guidelines.

Car Accident Investigations

After a car or truck accident, there are many questions about criminal activity and what actually happened. Lawyers of the parties involved are often looking to determine liability and/or financial responsibility. We reconstruct and look into the details left behind to put together the chain of events on the day. We look at the site, vehicles, and talk with witnesses as a part of our investigative process.

Industrial Accident Investigations

Accidents at work can result in complicated workers compensation claims and intricate legal cases. We look into what actually happened in the industrial accident, what the results were for the injured worker, and previous conditions. We look at the equipment damage from an unbiased position and determine the extent of what happened and how.

Slip and Fall Investigations

For these types of accident investigations, we most often work with the lawyer representing those who have injured themselves due to a hazard. Our firm does all of the heavy lifting regarding evidence in these claims. We seek out and interview witnesses to the case, talk with engineers who can analyze the site, and acquire photographic evidence to be used in court or a settlement.

Other Services

Database Searches: Searching for court and other records in online databases. These can include assets, BMV records, criminal and civil court records, social media information, and other documentation necessary for a court case.

Witness Locates: Locating witnesses for the purposes of accident investigations. Because we have become acutely experienced at witness locates, we also offer this service for larger court cases and depositions.

Person Locates: Our investigators also seek out and find people for the purpose of serving them due process.

Process Service: At Summit Investigative Services, we serve process to private individuals, businesses, and other entities. These legal documents include subpoenas, summons, complaints, orders, writs, notices, and any other legal documents. We know how to ask questions to develop info if they have moved...we don't just knock on doors and then leave. Contact us for more information.


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